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At Whatnot?! Entertainment we are committed to innovation.

We are revolutionizing the way animation can be produced for a multi-platform digital world: from the internet to television to feature film.

To that end we have developed a groundbreaking animation process: Fuzion Animationâ„¢ (patent pending) which brings the grace and sophistication of hand-drawn animation into the world of 3-D.

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”

-Victor Hugo

Fuzion Animationâ„¢ brings a unique new visual style to the screen and a new reality to animation production.

Fuzion Animationâ„¢ is game-changing for these reasons:


An animated feature can be produced at a 10th of the cost of the major studios: where they spend $100,000,000+, we will spend $10,000,000 and we will not sacrifice quality.


This provides a quicker path to market. The Major Studios spend three to four years producing an animated feature, we will move from concept to finished production in half that time.


Each production will benefit from a deeper more experienced pool of creative talent and will have the accessibility to provide quick changes. We will not be at the mercy of overseas subcontractors. By keeping all of our below the line expenditures within California, we will be eligible for 20-25% production tax credits for both feature films and television.


We can control the sophistication of the process to suit budget requirements and media requirements. It is a cost-effective and superb process whether the project is intended to live online, on DVD, on television or on the big screen.


At this stage of development, the sky is the limit as to what can be created in terms of sophistication and dazzling visuals. The process is easily mixed with live-action and partners seamlessly with green screen technology. The flexibility of Fuzion Animation is terrific.

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This first trailer is a test that was done to push the process to its limits. How many drawings do you think it took to create? You’d probably guess several hundred. If the process were done traditionally, it would. This test required only three.

'ZD YouTube FLV Player' requires either a youtube video URL or FLV URL.
Usage: [zdvideo]url[/zdvideo]

This is a trailer for a sci-fi thriller, “The Xeno Cell”, designed to be produced for television as a long-form or series. The amount of drawings in the creation of this were more than in the test above, yet far fewer than if this were produced traditionally. The depth of field is significantly deeper and pushes the visuals toward 3-D.

Our process, from conception to production is cost-effective and fluid. And totally kick-ass.

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