About Us

Whatnot?! Entertainment, Inc. is an innovative animation creation and production

We push envelopes.

We are revolutionaries. We are dreamers and doers.

We are providers of killer animation.

We make things easier for you.

Our team cut their teeth with the giants of the family entertainment business: Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Dreamworks SKG, Cartoon Network and Disney.

Our resume reflects the many layers of awesome that our talent brings to the rodeo, with work completed for the feature (Kung Fu Panda, Curious George, The Iron Giant, Spider-Man 2, Monster House, Astroboy, Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow and Lilo & Stitch), television (The Simpsons, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Powerpuff Girls), internet, education and gaming markets.

We even made Olympic history by partnering in the conception and development of Ring Force Five, a unique and groundbreaking collaboration with broadcast legend NBC, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Small World Television and Xinghua Finance Media.

Pretty damn sweet.

We house a dynamic roster of animators, artists, producers, and creative talent at the ready.

Just say, “go”.


Contact Us

For further information regarding our company, our products, or services we can provide, please contact us:

Whatnot?! Entertainment, Inc.
3727 West Magnolia Blvd. #487
Burbank, CA 91505
E-Mail | (818) 726-5007