What Are Motion Comics?

…Or how the digital revolution welcomed in the world of comic books and graphic novels.

There was an age when comic books were simpler: printed in four-color ink and meant to be read and then easily disposed; Purchased at the local corner store, dawdled over while waiting for a haircut in the barber shop, arranged haphazardly on a squeaky spin rack – only to be rolled up and carried home in your back pocket.

No more.

Comic books don’t just live at the corner store or at specialty shops anymore: they live online. Like all species that aim to survive they continue to evolve, they don’t even appear wholly in 2-D anymore. With the advent of motion comics: Superman flies, Spiderman sprays webs and France visually capitulates.

Motion comics is a process that breathes life into comicdom’s top artists’ designs, bringing cost-effective animation techniques to free the comics page of the 2-D boundaries that had once held sway. Taking the existing comic artwork and building it in layers to create depth and allowing the camera to suggest changing points of view and added motion elevates what once had been a static experience: reading a comic book.

Throw in some talented actors giving the characters voice and the addition of sound effects and visual effects and you have a new and quite enriching online diversion: the motion comic.

As comic stories have grown in sophistication and scope, it is only natural that the digital world would provide a more sophisticated and virtual experience to complement the evolving art form. The ability to download your favorite comics onto your phone or laptop or ipod and have them come alive is well and truly bad-ass and an idea whose time has come.

Yes, motion comics are that unusual in-between place where pen and ink stops and full-on animation starts, but this is a new an evolving world. Comic books have taken their initial steps out of the primordial ooze of the printed word and image into a new arena that houses immense possibility and power.

I know I still love flipping through printed comic pages and I always will. I also look forward to what sort of wonders will come to life on my screen as the stories of Joss Whedon, Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Adam Beechen, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee and Jim Lee, et al, are given motion.


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