Stereoscopic Conversion

Do you remember how you felt at the start of the 3-D revolution?

We do.

It hit us like the cool side of a carp on a blazing hot summer’s day.

After the feeling returned to our face, we snapped right to it and created an incredibly cost-effective set of production and conversion solutions for bringing 2-D animation into the emerging 3-D world.

Our proprietary process allows you to convert your catalog for a fraction of the cost and time and energy you would think.

We can initiate conversion while you animate or create the animation in-house and produce the 3-D stereoscopic (and/or anaglyph) conversion alongside the 2-D production work.

We have live-action solutions too.

We are available to consult as you move into production. We will provide the care you need to stay ahead of the curve.

We can even design custom glasses for you.

We will be your guide into the third dimension and beyond!

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